Saturday, 27 March 2010

Is anyone awake out there

At the moment my sole aim is to spread doom and gloom until everyone wakes up to the fact that our position economically and socially is untenable. That if something is not done about it quickly then we are going to be irreparably financially and socially impoverished.


  1. For that, you'll need to be on Twitter! ;)

  2. Aha, you have a blog. I have added to blogroll.

  3. Aha, you have a blog. I have added to blogroll.

    Same over here.

  4. There are many of us trying to get that message across - even today.

  5. And when the pedants bade us mark
    What cold mechanic happenings
    Must come; our souls said in the dark,
    "Belike; but there are likelier things."

    Yes we are all in the ordure - except for the people who provided it in the first place of course - and getting out of it will not be pleasant. But life goes on old horse. Look for a child's smile, listen to the birdies sing, the buggers only win when we let them win.

  6. Am I awake or dreaming bad dreams? Time will tell. I recall in the 1960's bad trade figures were the big news, now they escape comment or interest. Re Richard Murphy, I have taken issue with his economics but he has a nose for fraud and shifty accounting. Also, he is one of the few people who understands the timetables for the old Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway.