Sunday, 28 February 2010

The rise and fall of the west

What is the difference between the Roman Empire and the West today?

Answer very little.

It has been stated before and I reiterate ‘History has a way of repeating itself’

Let’s look at the proof:

1. Rome built up a mighty empire and eventually had to relinquish swathes of it ditto the west except read in the plural
2. Rome fought many wars internally and externally ditto the west
3. Rome had enemies they never successfully countered examples Persia the Germans ditto the west examples Iran, China and Russia
4. Rome had to continually devalue their currency ditto the west
5. Rome became decadent a symptom of which was the break up of the family and the decline of societies standards and values ditto the west
6. Rome was governed by more and more inept leaders at a time when security and the economy was weak ditto the west
7. Finally and that which proved the last straw, Rome allowed large numbers of migrants to settle inside their borders, which led to eventual invasion and demise of the Western Roman Empire. The Eastern Roman empire did manage to hang on for another thousand years. The comparison here is observable in the west today. Mass migration is happening; the west is constantly being attacked by forces that they can not counter. The wolves are at the door they are envious of the west’s wealth, they sense that the west is weak and badly governed. Europe will go first the USA may well struggle on for a few decades more.

Yes history does repeat itself.

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  1. Didn't the romans have underfloor heating outside? We certainly dont have that one yet. Perhaps if we did Britain wouldn't come to a complete standstill when it snowed?
    I think that we do have the modern day equivalent of roman entertainment, big brother reminds me of being thrown to the lions, or perhaps the media as a whole is the lion?